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We are always looking for fish of the best quality

The outstanding quality is what drives the work of Jacob Kongsbak Lassen. And thats exactly what you can offer us, we are of course interested in a collaboration.

Looking for a partner for the marketing of your products? A partner with 130 years of experience, the status of the Supplier to the Royal Danish Court and the stability of a family run business through five generations back? Contact Jacob Kongsbak Lassen and tell us about your product. We can e.g. offer saltwater and freshwater pools for live crabfish and lobsters.

  • Jacob Kongsbak Lassen is your partner to market quality products
  • We have more than 130 years of experience, status of supplier to the Royal Danish Court and are a family-run business for five generations now
  • We offer freshwater and saltwater pools for crabfish and lobsters

Call us:

+45 33 79 95 66

Or send a message

Jacob Kongsbak Lassen, Høgevej 8A,
DK-3400 Hillerød, tlf.: +45 33 79 95 66, e-mail jkl@kongsbaklassen.com